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President, Chief Executive Officer
Professional Services of America, Inc.
Parkersburg, WV   United States


Judy K. Sheppard has 37 years of overall professional experience, with 27 years as President and CEO of Professional Services of America, Inc. Over the years, she has established herself as an expert in the field of problem resolution. On a daily basis, she is responsible for assessing new contracting opportunities, as well as reviewing RFQs and RFPs, overseeing project progress, and meeting new clients.

Professional Services of America, Inc. (PSA) is a woman-owned SDB, as well as a Native American Indian company headquartered in Parkersburg, W.Va.   PSA also has offices in the following cities: Chicago, Ill.; Ripley, W.Va; Broomfield, Colo.; El Paso, Texas; and Columbus, Ohio. The company focuses on offering quality human resources services to meet clients’ needs. It has built and maintained a strong reputation in the commercial sector for dedication, performance, quality and an excellent safety record. In addition to human resources, it provides services such as market research, entrepreneurial economic development activities, fundraising, grand writing and contract management, among a plethora of others. PSA is dedicated to delivering the finest-quality services available, and puts information and helpful resources to work for its clients to help them make informed decisions about their respective futures.

Ms. Sheppard is the primary designer of innovative human resource programs and services for large companies and government agencies such as DuPont, General Electric Co. and the U.S. Department of Energy. She believes that a successful business is built on the principles of honesty, integrity and trust. PSA has more than 300 professionals around the globe who subscribe to its high ideals and philosophy. Ms. Sheppard states, “We deliver bold and innovative thinking to resolve issues for our clients. Professional Services of America, Inc. combines our services with precise and flawless execution that produces meaningful results for our clients and their partners.”

Looking back, Ms. Sheppard attributes her success to not having the word “no” in her vocabulary and taking pride in what she does. She quickly found her niche within the industry and achieved immediate success. She was then invited to the corporate office to discuss the success she was bringing to the company. Her professional ascension has continued since.

Ms. Sheppard completed her coursework through Chattahoochee Technical College and West Virginia University.   Looking forward, she plans to establish a women’s center where women can meet one another, network and obtain training. She also plans to continue participating in speaking engagements for women, colleges and universities on how to start and maintain small businesses.