PSA PROVIDES fully integrated business and technology services by building long-term strategic business partnerships. We focus on teaming with our clients to achieve optimal solutions that consistently deliver competitive advantages.


Is providing cost effective, high-caliber technical professionals who meet our clients’ needs, goals and objectives.


Allow us to provide resources in our client’s specific industry, thereby reducing the time required for knowledge transfer and allowing us to deliver fast and cost-effective solutions.


Are values-based, quality-driven, service-oriented, always proactive to resolve issues before they become problems and provide a win-win for our clients and PSA.

Our Core Business

A core service of PSA has always been to provide real staffing solutions, whether it is providing client companies and organizations with full or temporary staffing.

Companies today need to have labor force flexibility to respond to changes in demand or skill shortages. More and more of our clients are using PSA to recruit permanent employees. By using PSA, companies have an opportunity to review an employee before agreeing to accept him or her as full time. This method is simple and provides a substantial savings to the bottom-line. PSA guarantees to deliver a satisfied employee who will obtain true job fulfillment to compete in today’s work-environment.

The temporary staff may take singular or multiple assignments with PSA clients and may benefit from career assessment and training. This solutions core offering is fast and efficient placement of associates in temporary assignments. This ensures that employees are thoroughly screened and appropriately trained. Some employees s go from temporary to permanent status with client firms.

Contracted Employees

PSA maintains a database of contracted employees that prefer temporary assignments. This is a valuable resource and provides our clients with skilled employees. It also provides our contracted employees with the flexibility and opportunity to choose assignments, and benefit from tailored training thereby improving their long-term employability. It also enables PSA to deliver the required skills at the appropriate time; providing a fast response to clients’ business fluctuations or skill shortages.

Professional Business Consulting

PSA has highly qualified specialized personnel that can provide expertise for our clients for specific needs. These include site consultants, grant writing, business evaluation and business plan, specialized test marketing, research, IT, fund raising, etc.

Professional Contracted Employees

Another core service group is focused upon fulfilling client needs for specialized professionals. This could be in a number of areas including medical doctors, nurses, accounting, engineers, etc.

Managed Service Contractors

Client activities that are outsourced to PSA include: payrolling, recruiting, training and supervising, and on-site HR management. PSA maintains a team of professionals to achieve set objectives. Recruiting of specialized professionals, technical assistance, project management and consulting complete the PSA Professional Consulting service portfolio.

Worldwide Coverage

PSA affectively services a comprehensive group of clients located throughout North America and in strategic locations within Europe; with products and services targeted specifically to small, mid-sized and large multi-site employers