PSA is firmly committed to diversity and equality in all areas of its operations.

Above all, we are about people and believe in recognizing the value of our differences.  A philosophy of diversity drives our organization and is supported by the highest levels of our management team.  Our environment draws on the strength of every associate to build an atmosphere of personal and professional growth and to appreciate the benefits diversity provides.  Diversity is an asset we strive to put to good use, helping improve the business we provide and the community as a whole.

Equal Opportunity Employer 

PSA is an equal opportunity employer who appreciates the richness that a culturally diverse workforce brings not only to our company, but to our clients and business alliances.

We are committed to an organization and profession in which all persons may fully participate through the establishment of a representative workforce by removing barriers and maximizing workforce potential.   At PSA, we are committed to:

  • Creating an environment free of discrimination by fostering awareness, understanding and mutual respect among individuals and diverse groups of the workforce.
  • Recognizing management performance in support of EEO goals and objectives.
  • Encouraging open communication on issues and immediate resolution.
  • Ensuring compliance with EEO statutes and regulations through oversight and evaluation.

PSA’s Affirmative Action Program is designed to move our total employment, subcontracting relationships, and business alliances toward full and equal participation of all in the opportunities that are available.