People are our Business

At PSA, people are at the forefront of our culture and core philosophy.  In today’s ever-changing world of business and technological advances, we believe that technology is not what determines the success or failure of a project.  It has always been the people in technology who make the difference. 

People determine the quality of the software.  People deliver a project on time.  People determine whether the project is under budget.  PSA focuses on hiring the caliber of people who concentrate on teamwork, a positive attitude, and success.  It is the intelligence, innovation and ideas of our people that transform our clients today into long-term business partners of tomorrow.  

PSA’s emphasis on people gives our clients the ability to totally focus on their core competencies or what they do best.  We continually provide the highest caliber technical and business professionals by focusing on:

  • Extensive recruiting and selection process
  • Rigorous technical and reference screening
  • Soft skill and interpersonal screening
  • Extensive background and drug testing
  • Account development/management plans
  • Career counseling
  • Training and retooling
  • Periodic performance reviews