Through intelligence, innovation and creative ideas our people continually focus on the best business and technical solutions for our clients.

Value-Based Solutions

PSA was founded on the belief that there should be a return to old-fashioned business principles and values, where the people involved and the clients being served are valued, respected and sought out based on a shared mindset of service, relationships, and integrity, out of which mutual benefit and profitability will occur.

Quality-Driven Solutions

PSA was also founded on the principle that quality should always take precedence over quantity.  Our extensive recruiting, hiring and account management processes have been proven time after time.

When one of our clients has a consulting requirement, we will only present one or two resumes for the position.  If we have truly partnered with our clients, listened intently, and followed or internal quality processes; we provide a close to perfect fit candidate every time.  Perfect fit candidates produce very happy customers who call us time and time again.

Proactive Solutions

If our client(s) report a performance issue for any reason, PSA’s account management will be proactive in a speedy resolution.  At the first sign of an issue, our accounts manager will discuss the issue at length with client management, work toward resolution with our consultant, facilitate any meetings or necessary communication and proactively follow up and monitor resolution progress until our client is 100% satisfied.

Win-Win Solutions

True solutions-based partnerships with our clients mean that our managers are not happy until our clients are happy.  Win-win means that PSA’s goals and plans are strategically aligned with those of our clients.